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Harrassing Conduct


Under Iowa Code Chapter 216

Date Investigation Completed:

What is the incident?
harassing conduct

When did the alleged harassment begin?

When did it end?

Was the incident timely filed?

What is the alleged basis?

If the alleged basis is disability, then did Complainant's health condition meet our three-part definition of disability? Explain.

Who is the alleged Harasser? (Identify by name and position)

At the time of the alleged harassing conduct, was the alleged Harasser a Respondent supervisor or manager?

To what conduct was Complainant subjected?

Was the conduct unwelcomed?

Was the conduct basis-related?

If the alleged sexual harassment is quid pro quo, did the alleged Harasser request or demand sexual favors? Explain.

Was Complainant threatened with the loss of a tangible job benefit if she/he rejected the sexual activity?

Was the alleged Harasser in a position to make good on his/her threat?

If the alleged harassment is hostile environment, did the conduct make Complainant's working environment hostile, intimidating, or abusive? Explain.

Did the conduct affect Complainant's ability to perform her/his work? Would the conduct have similarly affected a reasonable person's ability to perform work? Explain.

Did the conduct affect Complainant's psychological well-being? Would the conduct have similarly affected a reasonable person's psychological well-being? Explain.

Did Complainant report the conduct to higher management?

If so, to whom? When?

If not, should higher management have been aware of the conduct and its effect on Complainant's working conditions? Explain.

If reported, how did higher management react? Did higher management investigate? Did higher management take prompt and appropriate corrective action? Explain.

Before the conduct occurred, did Respondent have an adequate anti-harassment grievance policy and procedure? Did Complainant utilize the procedure?

What is the recommendation?

Is Respondent organization, as well as the Harasser, liable for the harassing conduct? Explain.