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Iowa Code chapters 135B and 135C authorize the Department to inspect, license and/or certify health care providers and supplier operating in the State of Iowa. The Iowa Code also authorizes the Division to promulgate rules to administer the various provisions of the law. Copies of the Code chapters and the administrative rules relating to health care providers and suppliers may be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Iowa Code Chapter 135B -
Iowa Code Chapter 135C -
Long-term Care Facilities
Iowa Code Chapter 231C -
Assisted Living Programs

Iowa Code Chapter 235E - Dependent Adult Abuse in Facilities and Programs

Department of Inspections and Appeals rules [481]
481--40, Foster Care Facility Inspections
481--41, Psychiatric Medical Institutions for Children
481--50, Health Care Facilities Administration
481--51, Hospitals

481--52, Dependent Adult Abuse in Facilities and Programs
481--53, Hospice License Standards
481--54, Governor's Award for Quality Care
481--56, Fining and Citations
481--57, Residential Care Facilities
481--58, Nursing Facilities

481--59, Tuberculosis Screening
481--60, Minimum Physical Standards for Residential Care Facilities
481--61, Minimum Physical Standards for Nursing Facilities
481--62, Residential Care Facilities for Persons with Mental Illness
481--63, Residential Care Facilities for the Intellectually Disabled
481--64, Intermediate Care Facilities for the Intellectually Disabled
481--65, Intermediate Care Facilities for Persons with Mental Illness
481--66, Boarding Homes

481--67, General Provisions for Elder Group Homes, Assisted Living Programs, and Adult Day Services

481--68, Elder Group Homes

481--69, Assisted Living Programs

481--70, Adult Day Services

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