Food and Consumer Safety Bureau

The Department is responsible for administering and enforcing the Iowa Food Code (Iowa Code chapter 137F) by conducting food safety inspections at food establishments (grocery stores, restaurants, and convenience stores) and food processing plants. The purpose of the Iowa Food Code is to "safeguard the public health and provide to consumers, food that is safe, unadulterated and honestly prepared."  The Food Code is based upon food safety recommendations developed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), in consultation with representatives from the food industry and regulators, and focuses on public health and the prevention of foodborne illness.

Restaurant Inspection Web Site

The Food and Consumer Safety Bureau maintains a Restaurant Inspection Web Site through which visitors can view or download all the latest inspection reports for Iowa food establishments, including restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores.  Additional references of value to visitors include links to useful web sites dealing with food safety issues, including links to local health departments and applications.

School Concession Stands

Who is responsible for the food served in concession stands at school activities?

The Department and its contracting local health agencies, who are responsible for licensing and inspecting food service operations in the State of Iowa, will be asking that question and others during upcoming inspections of school food service operations.  With few exceptions, concessions operations are subject to licensing and regulation. Some of the questions school districts should be prepared to answer are:

  • Does the school district take responsibility for foods sold at school concession stands?

  • What is the school district's liability if someone becomes ill from eating concessions?

  • What organizations are selling food at school activities?

  • What food safety training is offered to organization volunteers?

Licensing and other regulatory information regarding school concession stands is posted below.


481--30 Food and Consumer Safety
Food Establishments and Food Processing Plant Inspections
Home Food Establishments
Contractor Requirements
Hotel and Motel Inspections
Iowa Code Chapter 137C -
Hotel Sanitation Code

Iowa Code Chapter 137D - Home Food Establishments

Temporary Food Service Establishments and Farmer's Market Operator's Guidelines

Basic Requirements for Restaurants and Grocery Stores

Basic Requirements for Farmers Markets

Guidelines for Mobile Food Unit Establishments

School Concession Stand Guidance

Responsibilities of the Permit Holder

Food Processing Plants - Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)

Temporary Food Stand Handwashing Set-up

Temporary Food Establishments and Farmers Market Licensees

Iowa Department of Revenue - Iowa Sales Tax on Food

Emergency Documents

Food Safety During a Power Outage

Boil Order and Advisory Guidance

Re-opening a Food Establishment After Flooding

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