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The Iowa Board of Pharmacy promotes, preserves, and protects the public health, safety, and welfare by fostering the provision of pharmaceutical care to all Iowans through the effective regulation of the practice of pharmacy, the operation of pharmacies, the appropriate utilization of pharmacy technicians, the distribution of prescription medications and devices, and the education and training of pharmacists.


In order to protect the public health, the Iowa Board of Pharmacy assumes a leadership role in developing, implementing, and enforcing appropriate minimum standards of care and related requirements for the safe practice of pharmacy in Iowa. The Board continuously strives to provide optimal service to the public and the profession by utilizing its resources in an efficient, effective, responsive and open manner. By its actions, the IBPE demonstrates a balanced and sensible approach to regulation.


The Iowa Board of Pharmacy leads by promoting the provision of comprehensive pharmaceutical care to all Iowans. The Iowa Board of Pharmacy achieves this by building creative alliances, encouraging pharmacist empowerment and innovative pharmacy practice, and supporting the concept of collaborative practice among health care providers.


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