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"Pharmacist-intern" or "intern" means a person enrolled in a college of pharmacy or actively pursuing a pharmacy degree, or as otherwise provided by the board, who is registered with the board for the purpose of obtaining instruction in the practice of pharmacy from a preceptor.


Registration Procedures

GENERAL INFORMATION: The following information is based on 657 I.A.C. Chapter 4, "Pharmacist-Interns."

Who Must Register

  1. Interns acquiring experience in Iowa and going to school in Iowa.
  2. Interns going to school in Iowa and acquiring experience in a state other than Iowa.
  3. Interns attending a school in another state and acquiring experience in Iowa.
  4. Graduates of an approved college of pharmacy acquiring practical experience as a requirement for licensure as a pharmacist in Iowa.
  5. Foreign graduates who have established educational equivalency acquiring practical experience as a requirement for licensure as a pharmacist in Iowa.
  6. Individuals participating in a residency or fellowship program in Iowa, whether or not the individual is licensed as a pharmacist in another state.

When to Register

Every person shall register before beginning their internship, but not before the the commencement of the first professional year in a college of pharmacy.

How to Register

An application for registration as a pharmacist-intern is available on the board's website. The “Certificate of Eligibility” form is to be completed by the College of Pharmacy and submitted to the Iowa Board of Pharmacy office.

Fees and Term of Registration

The fee for registration as a pharmacist-intern is $30. This registration shall remain in effect as long as the board is satisfied that the intern is pursuing a degree in pharmacy in good faith and with reasonable diligence. Registration shall automatically terminate upon the earliest of any of the following:

  1. Licensure to practice pharmacy in any state;
  2. Lapse in the pursuit of a degree in pharmacy; or
  3. One year following graduation from the college of pharmacy.


Send e-mail to Becky Hall for clarification of any of the above.

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