Additional Information for Coaching Authorizations

The following is the coursework required to obtain a coaching authorization.  Coursework completed in the past can be used to satisfy all (or parts of) the requirements.  Classes completed in past do not expire if you are using them to obtain your first license.  College coursework more than 5 years old cannot be use to renew a license but older classes CAN be used to obtain a license.
If you want your transcripts reviewed, scan and e-mail a copy to 
Mark those classes you feel covered one of the requirement(s) listed below and indicate which requirement you feel it satisfies.
Coaching Authorization Coursework:

      1. Structure and Function of the Human Body
      2. Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
      3. Human Growth and Development
      4. Theory/Methods and Ethics of Coaching
      5. Concussion Training from
      6. CPR Card - Official Cards only. Online only or instructor letters are not accepted