Coaching License Types:

Coaching Authorization- Typically this for a non-teacher, retiring teacher, or college student who does not yet hold a teaching license.  Coaching authorizations can also be issued to the teacher who completes the coursework through a community college, or AEA for “contact hour” rather that through SEMESTER hour credits.  Teachers who want to coach before they have a teaching license or after they let it expire will need this type.  (additional information about coaching authorizations)

Coaching Endorsement- Endorsements are areas on a teaching license (i.e. science, math, or english, etc.).  Coaching endorsements are only good for teachers who maintain a current teaching license AND  who completed the course requirements with semester hour credits. Teachers with coaching endorsements on expired(ing) teaching license click here.
Teachers with valid teaching licenses wanting to add coaching as an endorsement to their teaching license, click here for the checklist form.

Transitional Coaching Authorization- This is a one-year non-renewable license for the person over the age of 21 who wants to coach before they complete (or while they are completing) the required coursework.  It requires approval from a school administrator/AD, a short course available at Heartland AEA, the concussion training, and the mandatory reporter training for child AND ADULT.  TEACHERS WITH CURRENT TEACHING LICENSES SHOULD NOT APPLY FOR THIS.  It requires the complete background check which can take 6-8 weeks. Click here for additional information about transitional coaching authorizations.

Class B for a Coaching Endorsement- This is for the teacher with a current teaching license.  It allow them to coach for two years while the classes are being completed.  It does not require any short course.  It does not require a background check. Click here for the Class B application

Temporary Coaching License/Permit- These are issued for the initial coaching authorization and transitional coaching authorization applicant only.  They do not require any request.  You do not apply for these.  We will automatically issue it if we have a complete application and all background parts are clear EXCEPT the FBI.  The applicant will be notified via e-mail if they qualify.  These are the only license type that are not accessible on our web site so applicants need to provide the school with the e-mail verification when/if one is issued. 

The coaching authorization can easily be renewed. Endorsements, on the other hand, are renewed with teaching licenses. None of the other types of coaching licenses are renewable. Renewal of the coaching authorization requires 5 items. Expired coaching authorizations do not have any additional requirements and the 55 hour program/coursework does not need repeated. The only penalty for an expired license is that a person cannot coach until it is renewed.   Click here for additional information for coaching authorization renewals.

Extension of a Coaching Authorization:
This is a one-year only license. It is for the person who needs more time to gather the materials required to renew their coaching authorization. It cannot be issued back-to-back. Click here for additional information on Coaching Authorization Extension.


I am aware of the license type I want to apply for and am ready to begin my online application.