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Purchasing a Roster of Iowa Nurses

(Updated 8/9/06)

Names and addresses of nursing licensees are matters of public record, and are therefore available for purchase by the general public in the following formats:

  1. Pressure sensitive labels
  2. Hard copy list on 8 ½ x 11 paper
  3. Computer diskettes, in either fixed field or variable field length formats
  4. Electronic files to be sent as an e-mail attachment, in either fixed field or variable field length formats.
  5. On CD

Click here for pricing information.

To purchase a roster of nurses, either download the necessary forms, or contact the board office to have them mailed or faxed to you. One of these forms does require a signature. Also included in this packet is a current map of Iowa with the population county by county. Rosters are extracted from the live data base, so all data is current to the point in time that the order is processed.

Records can be selected by almost any criteria, the most common being geographic area, but also by date of birth, education, practice area (RNs only), field of employment, or ARNP specialty area. E-mail addresses and phone numbers are not retained in the data base, and thus are not available in rosters.

The turn-around time for processing an order is 6 to 10 working days. Lists, diskettes, and electronic files are produced in-house, while labels require the extra step of being ordered from an outside vendor and therefore these take a bit longer.


The cost of an electronic file is a flat $40, and this cost can be pre-paid because it can be anticipated.

But the cost of a hard copy roster is based on the number of records printed, and therefore cannot be pre-paid, because the database changes daily, so exact counts cannot be known until the data is actually extracted.

If a purchase order is received with the completed order forms, any type of roster can be shipped along with the invoice. If no purchase order is received, the invoice will be sent and the roster will be shipped only after payment has been received.

Payment cannot be made by credit card at this time.