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Public Hearing Comments

Subject and Iowa Administrative Code Bulletin Citations Summary of Rule Change/s
Summary of Public Comment
Chapters 2, 3, 6, 7, 16
ARC 9917A
Implements 2000 Iowa Acts, House File 2105, Nurse Licensure Compact
Expands the definition of licensure to include licensure in another party state when it is the home state. The new chapter enacts the model rules used by compact states to further define licensure in home state and multistate practice privilege and the Board's authority to regulate. One group attended the public hearing. Comments supported administrative rule changes that implement the Nurse Licensure Compact.
Chapter 6
ARC 9962A
Requires the wearing of an identification badge by licensed nurses, which clearly identifies the licensure status when providing direct patient care. One group was represented at the public hearing. That group petitioned for rule making and supports the subrule amendments.
Chapter 3
ARC 0394B
Redefines the condition under which a nurse licensed in another state may provide emergency services; adds a $3 fee per license for noncertified statement of verification; sets back renewal fees at a constant; allow a liecnsee who is 70 years of age or older to place a late or delinquent license on inactive status without penalty fees; recognizes licensure by examination prior to graduation in other U.S. jurisdictions None.
Chapter 2
ARC 0758B
1. Updates definitions to reflect current trends in nursing education, i.e., distance learning and discontinuation of hospital-based diploma programs, and add a definition of "curriculum."

2. Requires board-approved nursing programs leading to advanced registered nurse practitioner registration to be at the master's or post-master's levels.

3. Expands the definition of "faculty" to include individuals who teach nursing in a nursing program on the basis of education, licensure or practice as a registered nurse.

4. Updates accrediting agencies to reflect current practices.

5. Links curricula to scope of practice of the licensed practical nurse, registered nurse, and advanced registered nurse practitioner identified in 655--Chapters 6 and 7.

6. Identifies program responsibility to notify students and prospective students of instances when a course with a clinical component may not be taken (relocated from Chapter 3).

7. Reduces the faculty to student ratio in the prelicensure program from 1:10 to 1:8 when direct patient care is provided.

8. Requires programs to seek board approval for changes that reduce the human, physical or learning resources provided by the controlling institution to meet program needs.

9. Requires programs to notify the Board of plans to deliver a cooperative program of study in conjunction with an institution that does not provide a degree in nursing.
One member of an association commented that all programs should include curriculum on standardized language. All other comments supported the rules.
Chapter 5
ARC 0877B
1. Reduces the continuing education requirement from 45 to 36 contact hours/3.6 CEUs for a three-year license.

2. Eliminates the carry credit over exception.

3. Eliminates special approval requirements for self-study if the course is recognized by mandatory states or the four nursing accrediting organizations: American Nurses' Association, National League for Nursing, National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses, and National Association of Practical Nurse Education and Service.

4. Clarifies the special approval requirement for self-study course, Internet course, or live presentations attended outside Iowa.

5. Adds a provision for accepting make-up credit for audit failures.

6. Eliminates the requirement for waiting one year to reapply for provide approval when an approved provider has voluntarily relinquished.
One organization commented on the reduction of required hours; supported the clarification of special approval of self-study courses and encouraged more Iowa providers to cover specific subject matter.
Chapter 6
ARC 0763B
Permits the LPN to be supervised by an RN via teleconferencing when the RN can be on site within 10 minutes. None.
Chapter 7
ARC 0762B
Eliminates the requirement for ARNPs to purchase the Iowa Pharmacy Law and Information Manual and the recommendation that ARNPs subscribe to the Iowa Board of Pharmacy Examiners Newsletter. It is replaced with a requirement that ARNPs access the information electronically. Supported the change.
Chapter 12
ARC 0761B
List of national certifying organizations identified by the board has been updated and the process has been streamlined. The number of committee members is reduced from seven to five; the committee will be appointed ad hoc; the nurse licensure compact is recognized. None.
Chapters 3, 4, 5
ARC 3470B (6/1/05)
Eliminates the current licensure status of delinquent. Licensees will automatically be placed inactive thirty (30) days after expiration or when the board office is notified by another compact state that a licensee has declared a new primary state of residence. Process is simplified. Licensees are reaudited prior to the next renewal period when late credit is accepted. One organization presented comments and were supportive of the rule changes, but asked for consideration to modify the language in certain areas.
Chapter 3
ARC 4304B
Implements a fee increase for Registered Nurse/Licensed Practical Nurse renewal fee for a three-year period to $120.00. One organization presented comments opposing the increase to renewal fees. They stated the problem is the Iowa appropriation process which sets budget targets for the appropriations bill and does not account for the increase in the numbers of licensees to be regulated by the Board of Nursing. This association will continue to request improvement in the amount of funds the Board of Nursing actually receives from the General Fund from the billings of licensees.

Two e-mails were received opposing the rule increasing renewal fees. It was stated that the rule is pro-bureaucracy and anti-nurse and it was felt that Iowa nurses should not have to bear the burden of financing the regulatory agency that serves the public at large. Other points made were: nurses pay the cost of Continuing Education, uniforms and liability insurance.
Chapters 3 & 4
ARC 4305B (6/1/05)
Implements a national criminal history background check for new licensees, endorsements, reactivations, and disciplined licensees. One organization presented comments and were supportive of the rule changes.