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    Monday, August 03 2015 @ 08:09 AM CDT

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    Iowa Accountability & Transparency Board

    As part of the Culver-Judge Administration’s commitment to meeting all requirements of the ARRA and to keeping Iowans informed about how the ARRA funds are being used to improve Iowa’s economy, Governor Culver signed Executive Order #12 on April 14, 2009 creating the Iowa Accountability and Transparency Board (IATB). The Board will ensure Iowa meets or exceeds the accountability and transparency requirement of the ARRA and will make recommendations to the Governor as needed.

    Specific Duties

    • Assess existing practices to prevent waste, fraud and abuse and to provide recommendations regarding opportunities to strengthen those practices.
    • Coordinate with the Department of Management to provide input and information for the website, which will list projects and programs financed by ARRA funds, contract awards and the number of jobs created or preserved by these programs.
    • Oversee on-time audits and reporting to determine whether wasteful spending, ineffective management or other abuses are occurring.
    • Report suspected incidents of waste, fraud or abuse to the Office of the Governor.
    • Oversee the web-based ARRA transparency “dashboard”.
    • Monitor agency ARRA fund spending to ensure that Iowa continues to meet or exceed the accountability and transparency requirements of ARRA.

    IATB Compostion

    The IATB is made up of fourteen members:

    The Governor or designee
    Three Citizens
    State Auditor
    State Treasurer
    One city government representative
    One county government representative
    One council of government (COG) representative

    Department of Management Director
    Four members of the general assembly


    IATB Members List

    Voting Name Member Type E-mail
    Yes Governor
    Yes Mike Fitzgerald/Steve Larson Treasurer of State
    Yes David Vaudt/Warren Jenkins Auditor of State
    Yes Donald Timmins Public
    Yes Clarence Hoffman Public
    Yes Angela Connolly County (Polk)
    Yes Lorie Bennett City (Humboldt)
    Yes Denise Bulat Regional (Davenport)
    No Scott Vander Hart Dept of Management
    No House Majority
    No House Minority
    No Senate Majority
    No Senate Minority


    Bios for Appointees

    Donald Timmins, Chair - Timmins is a Certified Public Accountant and has been a managing partner with Timmins, Kroll, & Jacobsen in Altoona since 1971. He received an Accounting Degree from the American Institute of Business in Des Moines. Mr. Timmins will serve as a public member.

    Lorie Bennett - Bennett is currently the City Administrator for the City of Humboldt and has been involved in local government for 15 years. She is a former member of the IPERS Investment Board, has been very active with the League of Cities, served as a member of the Humboldt County Community Foundation, Humboldt Area Arts Council, Humboldt County Development Association, and the Iowa Municipal Finance Officers Association. She received a BA in Finance and Management from Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. She will serve as a nominee to the board for the Iowa League of Cities.

    Denise Bulat - Bulat is the Planning Executive Director for the Bi-State Regional Commission. She has worked for the commission since 1984 when she began as a planning aide. She received a B.S. in Animal Ecology from the Iowa State University and a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering from the University of Iowa. Ms. Bulat was nominated to serve as a representative to the board for the Iowa Association of Regional Councils.

    Angela Connolly - Connolly has served on the Polk County Board of Supervisors since 1998, and is currently the Chair of the Board. In addition, she serves on the Des Moines Area Regional Transit Authority, Metropolitan Planning Organization Transit Roundtable, and the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. Ms. Connolly was nominated to serve as a representative to the board for the Iowa Association of Counties.

    Clarence Hoffman - Hoffman has owned and run the Hoffman Insurance Agency in Mapleton since 1964. He served for ten years as a member of the Iowa House of Representatives until his retirement in 2008. He received a BS from the South Dakota State University. Mr. Hoffman will serve as a public member.


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