American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

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    Wednesday, July 29 2015 @ 08:29 AM CDT

    IATB hosts training focused on sub-recipient monitoring

    On May 3rd, the Iowa Department of Management, on behalf of the Iowa Accountability and Transparency Board, held a training session for state agencies and other entities receiving ARRA funding to ensure that Iowa remains in compliance with ARRA requirements. The training focused on sub-recipient monitoring, dealing with complaints and whistleblowers and federal oversight of ARRA funds.


    Don Gourley and Jill Lange from the Iowa Department of Public Health spoke on vendor monitoring and encouraging compliance. Bruce Brown from the Iowa Department of Public Health spoke on verification of sub-recipient reported expenditures. Nancy DiPaolo, Assistant Director Congressional and Intergovernmental Affairs for the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board spoke on whistleblower protections, how to deal with complaints and whistleblower disclosures and federal oversight and reporting requirements. The 50 attendees represented 17 state agencies and the Regents. Mr. Gourley and Ms. Lange’s, Mr. Brown’s and Ms. DiPaolo’s presentations are available here.