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Our agency does not have an extension form to obtain additional time to file.

If at least 90% of your total tax liability is paid by April 30, 2007, you will automatically have until October 31, 2007, to file your return. You will not be charged a late file penalty. However, you may owe a 2210 penalty for failure to make estimate payments. You will owe interest on any tax still due on May 1.

How to determine if 90% of the tax you owe has already been paid:

Step 1: From the IA 1040:

  • A. Add lines 50, 52, 54, 68, and 75 if payment was made by May 1.
  • B. Add lines 46, 56, and 73.

Step 2: Divide A by B. If the result is equal to at least 90%, an extension is automatic.


A equals $4,434.
B equals $5,017.
A divided by B is 88.4%.
This result is less than 90%. No extension is available to this taxpayer. This taxpayer will owe penalty and interest on the unpaid tax.


A equals $4,834.
B equals $5,017.
A divided by B is 96.4%.
This taxpayer receives an automatic extension until October 31 and will pay only interest on the unpaid tax.

If you need to make a tax payment to meet the 90% requirement, you may:

To learn about calculating 2210 penalty, take a look at 2210 information and examples.