Direct Deposit Information

Direct deposit of Iowa income tax refunds is available only by e-filing.
Without a doubt, direct deposit is safer than receiving a check by mail.

How long should I wait for my refund to be deposited?

Allow at least two weeks from the date your return is transmitted.

How do I check the status of my refund?

What if my refund has not been deposited within two weeks?

Check the direct deposit information (routing transit number and your account number) on form IA 8453.

If the information is correct, and the automated system (1-800-572-3944/Iowa only or 515/281-4966) indicates your refund was directly deposited more than four days prior, call your financial institution (bank, credit union, savings and loan) and ask them to check ALL your accounts – not just the one you had indicated – for the refund.

If the refund is not in any of your accounts, ask to speak to the ACH* department at the financial institution to see if the refund was rejected for any reason. If it was rejected, ask on what date and why. When a direct deposit fails, a paper check is automatically issued. Please allow up to 10 weeks from the rejected date to receive your refund in the mail.

*ACH is the acronym for the Automated Clearing House Network. Each day, billions of dollars travel over this network. The ACH system is a secure network that is not accessible to the general public.

What your financial institution can do for you:

Can I change the routing transit number or my account number after the return has been transmitted or if the direct deposit is rejected?

Once the return is electronically filed, the direct deposit information cannot be changed.

What happens to refunds that are rejected by the financial institution?

The financial institution will send the refund back to the Iowa Department of Revenue. The department will then automatically issue a paper check. Please allow up to 10 weeks from the date the refund was rejected to receive a paper check in the mail.

What your tax preparer or online company can do for you:

What the Iowa Department of Revenue can do for you: