Software and Substitute Forms Developers

Iowa tax forms:

The Iowa Department of Revenue is pleased to provide draft versions of Iowa tax forms for software and substitute forms developers. Drafts will be posted on this Web site as they are available. The Department intends to post forms which are in varying degrees of development. All drafts will be posted with a "last revised" date. It is the user's responsibility to recognize that forms may change substantially.

Except for special cases and as requested, you will send us copies of the final versions -- not drafts -- of your substitute forms.

Iowa Tax Form Registration & Approval

Everything you need to become approved to produce substitute Iowa forms, including 1D and 2D barcodes, is in the Development Area. If you discover errors or have questions about any Iowa tax form, please contact us by e-mail ( To receive the ID and password to the Development Area, you need to complete and submit the Registration for Substitute Forms and Barcode Approval (pdf).

e-File Software Developers:

The Department offers electronic filing of individual and business income tax returns. Specifications and test cases are available in the secured development area. Registration is required annually for access to the development area. To register, complete and submit the appropriate Software Registration form below.

Individual Income Tax

Software Registration - Iowa Individual Fed/State Participation (MS Word)

Business Income Tax

Software Registration - Iowa Business Fed/State Participation (MS Word)

Moderized e-File for Individual and Business Taxes

Iowa Modernized e-File (MeF) Developer Guide and Information for eFile Providers (pdf) (Revised 10/30/13)

Enter Development Area
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