Individual Income Tax Forms

Important: See Tax Year 2013 Income Tax Changes for Iowa Taxpayers

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Expanded Instructions for 2013

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Gambling income:

Casino, pari-mutuel and lottery winnings brochure (79-102)

Completing the Iowa 1040 to report gambling income

Examples of completed IA 1040s showing gambling income

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Basic Information on Iowa Individual Income Tax

Military Pay

Examples of completed IA1040s, IA126s, IA130s

How to calculate penalty and interest (pdf)

Adjustments to Federal AGI on Iowa Individual Income Tax Returns

How to complete the 2210

Income Tax Credits for the use, sale, and production of fuel (pdf)

Capital Gains Flowchart

Do you make purchases from the Internet or catalogs? You may owe consumer's use tax.

Tax Professional information

Federal Tax Help

Statement of Nonresidence in Iowa (Illinois residents only) (pdf) 44-016

Nonresident Request for Release from Withholding (pdf) (44-017)

Request for Copy of Iowa Tax Return (3 yrs old or less) (pdf) (95-504)

of income tax returns, worksheets and schedules should be kept for at least three years.


Individual Income Tax Forms

Many of the Department's online forms are fillable. Adobe Reader Version 11 includes a new feature which allows the form to be saved after it is filled out. Download Adobe Reader for free at this link.


All 2013 Iowa Individual Income Tax Forms

IA 8453-IND Iowa Individual Income Tax Declaration for an E-File Return 41-011

IA 1040 Long Form return only 41-001 Fill-in and Calculating Version - for best results use Adobe PDF Reader Version 4.5 or higher. Use Adobe Reader Version 11 to save a copy of your completed return. Download the most recent Adobe PDF Reader for free.

IA 1040 Long Form return only 41-001 Print Version

IA 1040 Long Form instructions only 41-002

IA 1040 Schedules A and B 41-004

IA 1040 Tax Tables 41-026

School District Surtax List 41-027

Tax Rate Schedule 78-914

IA 104 Itemized Deductions Worksheet 41-104

IA 1040V Payment Voucher 41-137

IA 1040C Composite Return 41-006

IA 126 Nonresident / Part-Year Resident Credit 41-126 Examples

IA 130 Out-of-State Tax Credit 41-130 Examples

Alternate Tax Calculation Worksheet 41-145

Tax Reduction Worksheet 41-146

Capital Gain Deduction Worksheet 41-160

IA 128 Research Activities Credit 41-128

IA 128S Alternate Simplified Research Activities Credit 41-124

IA 133 New Jobs Credit Worksheet 41-133

IA 134 S Corp Apportionment Credit 41-134

IA 135 E85 Gasoline Promotion Tax Credit 41-150

IA 137 Ethanol Promotion Tax Credit 41-151

IA 138 E15 Plus Gasoline Promotion Tax Credit 41-152

IA 148 Tax Credits Schedule 41-148

IA 2210 Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals 45-007

IA 2210S Short Method Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals 45-012

IA 2210 Schedule AI Annualized Income Installment Method 45-011

IA 2210F Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Farmers/Fishers 45-008

IA 2440 Disability Income Exclusion 41-127

IA 3468 Investment Tax Credit 42-034

IA 4136 Computation of Motor Fuel Tax Credit 41-005

IA 4562A Iowa Depreciation Adjustment Schedule 41-105

IA 4562B Iowa Depreciation Accumulated Adjustment Schedule 41-106

IA 6251 Minimum Tax Computation 41-131

IA 6251B Balance Sheet or Statement of Net Worth 41-135

IA 8801 Credit for Prior Year Minimum Tax for Individuals, Estates, Trusts 41-009

IA 8864 Biodiesel Blended Fuel Tax Credit 41-149

Net Operating Loss Worksheet 41-123

Franchise Tax Credit Worksheet 41-147

Retailers Motor Fuel Gallons Annual Report 82-053

IA 1040X Amended Individual Income Tax Return 41-122

IA 1040XV Amended Income Tax Return Payment Voucher 41-121

NOTE: Current year Iowa returns may be amended electronically


IA 1040ES Estimated Tax Forms for residents and nonresidents

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NOTE: History of ePayments for 2006 and later is available only on the eFile & Pay system to enrolled filers using that system.

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IA 1040ES Estimated Tax coupons for 2014 45-002

IA 1040ES Instructions for 2014 45-009