Sales Tax Forms

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Many of the Department's online forms are fillable. Adobe Reader Version 11 includes a new feature which allows the form to be saved after it is filled out. Download Adobe Reader for free at this link.

Forms - PDFs unless otherwise noted

Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

Schedule for Consolidated Sales Tax permit holders

Uniform Sales and Use Tax Certificate - Multijurisdiction (Multistate Tax Commission's Web site)

Sales Tax Exemption Certificate for Energy used in Processing and Agriculture

Worksheet and Example for Determining Electricity used in Processing / Agriculture

Worksheet and Example for Determining Natural Gas used in Processing / Agriculture

Energy Used For Taxable Purposes

Construction Contractor's Statement

Construction Contractor's Statement (Excel)

Construction Contract Claim for Refund

6 percent tax rate chart

7 percent tax rate chart

IA 843 Claim for Refund

Corporation Tax Credit for Third Party Sales Tax Application

Sales/Use Payment Voucher (32-026)

Sales/Retailer's Use Return (32-022)

(returns for sales tax permits and retailer's use tax permits cannot be combined on one form)