Iowa Property Tax - Methane Gas Guidelines 427.1(29)

29. Methane gas conversion. Methane gas conversion property shall be exempt from taxation.

For purposes of this subsection, "methane gas conversion property" means personal property, real property, and improvements to real property, and machinery, equipment, and computers assessed as real property pursuant to section 427A.1, subsection 1, paragraphs "e" and "j" , used in an operation connected with, or in conjunction with, a publicly owned sanitary landfill to collect methane gas or other gases produced as a by-product of waste decomposition and to convert the gas to energy, or to collect waste that would otherwise be collected by, or deposited with, a publicly owned sanitary landfill in order to decompose the waste to produce methane gas or other gases and to convert the gas to energy. However, property used to decompose the waste and convert the waste to gas is not eligible for this exemption.

If the property used to convert the gas to energy also burns another fuel, the exemption shall apply to that portion of the value of such property which equals the ratio that its use of methane gas bears to total fuel consumed.

Application for this exemption shall be filed with the assessing authority not later than February 1 of each year for which the exemption is requested on forms provided by the department of revenue. The application shall describe and locate the specific methane gas conversion property to be exempted. If the property consuming methane gas also consumes another fuel, the first year application shall contain a statement to that effect and shall identify the other fuel and estimate the ratio that the methane gas consumed bears to the total fuel consumed. Subsequent year applications shall identify the actual ratio for the previous year which ratio shall be used to calculate the exemption for that assessment year.

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