Property Tax - Opinion - Declaration of Value Example

From: Hyman, Dale [IDR]

Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2007 10:03 AM

To: Iowa Assessors and Recorders


Iowa Assessors & Recorders:

Attached is an example of a Declaration of Value (pdf) that is being sent into the Department of Revenue by assessors. We would ask recorders to not accept Declaration of Value forms that are not the full form and assessors to remind recorders that the bottom portion of the form is missing and that this is not acceptable. Recorders should let people know that the acceptable Declaration of Value forms (8½ X 11 & 8½ X 14 versions) can be obtained from the IDR website []. Assessors can fold the form along the line above Part III and attached it to the top of a blank Declaration of Value to create an area to enter the basic information required.

Dale Hyman, Administrator
Property Tax Division
Iowa Department of Revenue

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