Property Tax - Opinion - Wind Energy Code and Rules

Code & Rules Requirements Application Opinion Impact
427B.26 City or County Ordinance

Before first assessed.
To Assessor by Feb. 1 year first assessed. Links to

letter to assessors


question and answer document
Assessment % age of cost

Year 1 - 0
Year 2 – 5%
Year 3 – 10%
Year 4 – 15%
Year 5 – 20%
Year 6 – 25%
Years 7> – 30%
441.21 (8)b.c. Energy produced primarily for storage or point of use; built after January 1, 1978. None. Likely methodology for wind towers built just to support a single operation. Assessment % age of cost

Year 1-5 – 0%

Year 6> – Market
441.21 Doesn't fit into any other category. None. Assessment at market value.
476B Large projects.

Electricity sold on grid, not assessed under any other section of Code.
Approval from Iowa Commerce Utility Board.

Application by owner.
There are 2 projects proposed that are not operational.

The real estate is centrally assessed for 12 years and the tax that is generated goes to state coffers.
Assessment at market value, an income tax credit is available for 12 years at rate of 1 cent per kilowatt hour.
476C Maximum 51% of ownership resident of state or ownership defined in 476C.1 Ss 6 b., generally smaller facilities. Most facilities 2 - 2 ½ megawatt capacity.

Approval from Iowa Commerce Utility Board.

Application by producer or purchaser.

70 + facilities Locally Assessed.

Credit is available at rate of 1 ½ cent per kilowatt hour the credit is available on income tax or replacement or it may be applied to the sales and use tax.

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