Title Release Date
Test Iowa site moves from Waukee to West Des Moines 08-06-2020
Gov. Reynolds signs Executive Order to restore voting rights of felons who have completed their sentence 08-05-2020
ADVISORY: Gov. Reynolds to sign felon voting Executive Order 08-05-2020
ADVISORY: Gov. Reynolds to hold a Press Conference at 11:00 today 08-04-2020
Gov. Reynolds appoints Melissa Anderson-Seeber as District Court Judge 08-03-2020
Lt. Gov. Gregg again selected to leadership role for the National Lieutenant Governors Association 07-30-2020
Gov. Reynolds to hold bi-weekly press conferences livestreamed through Iowa PBS 07-30-2020
Gov. Reynolds, Lt. Gov. Gregg release public schedule update 07-28-2020
Gov. Reynolds appoints John Flynn as District Court Judge 07-27-2020
Gov. Reynolds signs new proclamation continuing State Public Health Emergency Declaration 07-24-2020
Gov. Reynolds releases agenda for next Governor’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board meeting 07-23-2020
Test Iowa clinic site opens in Plymouth County 07-20-2020
Test Iowa sites relocating in Storm Lake, Marshalltown 07-17-2020
Gov. Reynolds signs new public health proclamation advancing Iowa’s Return to Learn strategy 07-17-2020
Gov. Reynolds, Lt. Gov. Gregg release public schedule 07-13-2020
Gov. Reynolds steers $50M CARES Funds toward Iowa’s Mental Health System 07-07-2020
Gov. Reynolds, Lt. Gov. Gregg release public schedules 07-07-2020
Iowa Workforce Development Announces Receipt of U.S. Department of Labor Registered Apprenticeship Grant 07-02-2020
Gov. Reynolds directs $490 million of CARES Funds into Unemployment Trust Fund 07-02-2020
Test Iowa clinic site to open in Pottawattamie County 07-01-2020
Gov. Reynolds highlights the beginning of USMCA 07-01-2020
Gov. Reynolds takes action on all remaining legislation of the 2020 legislative session 06-30-2020
Gov. Reynolds appoints Kelly Garcia to serve as interim director at IDPH 06-30-2020
Gov. Reynolds signed legislation into law to lower taxes on renewable fuels 06-30-2020
Gov. Reynolds signs legislation into law, including key legislative priorities 06-29-2020