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Website Improvements Thanks to Your Feedback

Thank you to all the Iowans that responded to our website feedback survey!   We appreciate you taking time to let us know what you liked about and what you wanted to see improved.  We were concerned to learn that nearly half of the survey responders found it difficult to find what they were looking for or couldn’t find the information at all. We were also concerned to learn the links to the directory of services, social media, and department and employee phonebook information were not noticed by a third of the responders.  We want to help you find the information you need so we are making some changes based on your feedback:

  1. The search function of the website has been improved.  The search terms you provided in the survey were reviewed and updates were made to our search engine.
  2. Agencies have been asked to provide their most popular questions and answers and we are loading this information to trending topics and quick links.
  3. We have added an additional link to to make the directory more noticeable.
  4. We are redesigning the website with your feedback in mind - to bring more information and links to the center of the design so information is easier to find.  Look for a new design before the end of the summer.

Do you other suggestions for improvements to  Keep the feedback coming!  Thank you again for your help to improve the state website!

2017 Survey results:

How often do you visit the web site?
This was my first visit 351
Rarely(fewer than 6 times per year) 356
Occasionally (6-20 times per year) 241
Often (twice per month or more) 158
How easy was it to find what you were looking for?
Very Easy   217
Somewhat Easy 337
Somewhat Difficult 162
Very Difficult   117
Couldn't find what I was looking for. 22
Did you use the search box?  
Yes, I entered search words 488
I didn't use's search, but I found the information using Google or another search engine 163
I did not search 372
Did you use the Directory links?  
Yes, I used one of the header links at the top of the page. 382
I noticed that you have Directory links but I did not use them. 230
I did not notice the links for Directory, Social Media or Services. 328


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