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Iowa State Capitol Building is the official State of Iowa web portal. The goal of is to provide the citizens of Iowa with a single point of entry to access information and services provided by the State of Iowa government.

We are continually in the process of improving the site and welcome your feedback. Please let us know your thoughts.

Iowa Quick Facts

Statehood: December 28, 1846

Population rank: 30th among the 50 states

Population (2015): 3,123,899 1
Population (2000): 2,926,324 1

Land area: 55,857.1 square miles 1

Acres in farmland (2012): 30,622,731 (47848.02 square miles) 3

Population density (2010): 54.5 people per square mile 1

Capitol city: Des Moines founded September 22, 1851 as Fort Des Moines and shortened to Des Moines in 1857. It was named for the Des Moines River.

Top industries (2014): Manufacturing, Government, Real estate rental and leasing 2

Top exports (2014): Corn, Tractors and Soybeans 1

Primary language: English


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