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The Iowa State government is improving the way you work with the state online.  You can now find programs and services, renew licenses, make payments, and get reminders with the new Gov2Go portal.  Our new eGovernment portal makes it easier to get the help you are looking for.  By creating a Gov2Go account you can store your receipts in a single location and even store your payment information for future use.

Iowa has selected NIC, Inc. as our eGovernment portal provider with the Gov2Go platform.  Our goal is to make government more like the digital retail experience by giving you the opportunity to store all of your Iowa state government receipts in a single location and providing the opportunity to opt in to reminders.

Gov2Go is a unique new way to take care of all your interactions with State government in one convenient place — saving you time, worry and frustration. Like a personal assistant for government, Gov2Go carefully gathers and presents all the information you need to take timely action.

Easy to use

Gov2Go makes it easy to access the government services that are important to you — anytime, anywhere. Download and setup take just minutes: enter a few simple facts about yourself and you’re ready to go.

Makes government simpler

Gov2Go is your one-stop shop for interacting with agencies at all levels of government. Based on the details you choose to share, Gov2Go builds a personalized timeline and schedules your government tasks for the year.

Select Gov2Go at Checkout

Be sure to use your Iowa Gov2Go account at checkout to manage your government services in one convenient place.

Gov2Go is an intuitive new service provided in partnership with the State of Iowa and NIC, Inc.. Find out more information about Gov2Go and download the mobile application to get started..

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