The Iowa Department of Education keeps a list of required health screenings for children. Certain certificates must be submitted when you enroll your child. Health screening requirements are different depending on the grade your child is entering.

Finding the Health Screenings Needed

Find your child’s grade-level health screening requirements on the Department of Education’s Student Health Requirements page. 

Information You’ll Find

  • There are six specific grade levels that have different health screening requirements for enrollment. 
    • These are:
      • Voluntary Preschool 
      • Kindergarten
      • 3rd Grade
      • 7th Grade
      • 9th Grade
      • 12th Grade
    • An Iowa certificate to meet the immunization requirement covers all grades, voluntary preschool, and the 7th and 12th Grade requirements. 
  • Here is a link to the immunization certificates dental certificates and vision certificate. Please provide the required certificates for your child to the school. 
  • Please do not submit medical results to your school for the lead screening requirement. The school will submit a list of enrolled kindergarten students to meet the lead screening requirement to Iowa Health and Human Services.

Submitting the Records to Your School

  • You will submit your child’s health record to your school at the time of registration.

Enrolling Your Student

  • Ready to enroll your student? Have more questions? Visit the website of your school district to learn more about what action you need to take to enroll, speak with administrators and more. 

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