When you buy a home, you can apply for a homestead credit. You apply for the credit once and the tax credit continues as long as you remain eligible by owning and occupying the property as your homestead.

Applications are due by July 1 for the current assessment year. An application received after July 1 will apply to the next assessment year. Submit the application to your city or county assessor.  Find your assessor here: IowaAssessors.com - Your Hub for Assessors Offices and Parcel Data 

Do You Qualify for the Homestead Exemption?

 · You must be  an Iowa resident and file income taxes in Iowa and own and occupy the property in which you are seeking a homestead credit. 

· You may not have a homestead credit on another property in Iowa.   If you own multiple homes in Iowa you can only receive one credit based on the property that you own and occupy for at least six months of each year.

· You either: 

1. Own the home and plan to live there at least 6 months every year. - or -

2. You own the home but live in a nursing home, hospital or extended care facility. You maintain your home but you have not leased or rented it. -or-

3. You own the home and are on active military duty.

Filing for Your Homestead Exemption

Fill out the Homestead Tax Credit, 54-028 form. Return the form to your city or county assessor. This tax credit continues as long as you remain eligible.

Applications are due by July 1 for the current tax year. Applications after July 1 apply to the next tax year.

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