Learn about all the opportunities Iowa has to offer and get started on your next career.

  • Search Iowa’s largest jobs bank
  • Connect with the IowaWORKS Network and Find Job Assistance
  • Assistance for Veterans
  • Research Careers

Starting a Job Search

Search Iowa’s largest jobs bank

IowaWORKS.gov is Iowa’s largest collection of open job postings, with readily available listings from employers across the state and featuring jobs that fit a wide range of careers. 

  1. Start your search by visiting the IowaWORKS website and entering the criteria you are searching for.
  2. You can search jobs by industry, occupation group, education level, or minimum acceptable salary.  You can also search for jobs with specific employers or requiring specific skills.
  3. Basic searches can be done as a guest.  Additional features – such as creating an online resume and receiving one-on-one assistance to help with your job search – will require registering for an account at IowaWORKS.gov. 

Connect with the IowaWORKS Network and Find Job Assistance

IowaWORKS is Iowa’s network of American Job Centers, part of a one-stop shop created to provide universal access to an integrated system of employment services.

Job seekers can get help researching the job market, figuring out what careers they qualify for, learn about potential pay, and other topics. Employers can use the system to post job openings to a large pool of candidates, partner on hosting hiring events, search online resumes based on a wide variety of criteria, and use state data to assess where potential employees may be coming from.

Job seekers and employers can connect in two main ways:

  1. Connecting with an IowaWORKS employment office. 
    • There are 15 full-service IowaWORKS offices and five additional locations with more limited services. Job seekers can obtain services to assist in their search, including: 
      • One-on-one career assistance, including virtual appointments
      • No-cost training and workshops covering several job seeker topics (offered virtually and in person)
      • Job fairs and hiring events
      • Coaching and resume assistance, and mock interviews
      • Assistance with the unemployment process
      • Referrals to other job training opportunities and partners, if needed
    • IowaWORKS is not just for the unemployed.  Any Iowan can get help with  career exploration. Find the location of the IowaWORKS office closest to you and get started.
  2. Registering at IowaWORKS.gov.
  • Register and create a free account at IowaWORKS.gov to have access to:
    • A personal file folder that contains information on saved searches, system settings, and other information.
    • Career assessment tools, including skills matching, that help match a person's qualifications and abilities to specific occupations.
    • A home page with customized news content.
    • Creation of resumes and cover letters.
    • Automated job searches that deliver job opportunities to your system message box, an e-mail address you provide, or both.
  • Employers who register can:
    • Post job orders.
    • Search the system's database for candidate resumes.
    • Perform searches using an expanded range of advanced search options.
    • Create automated candidate searches that deliver resumes to your message box, e-mail address, or both.

All personal information is kept strictly confidential.

Assistance for Veterans

Home Base Iowa (HBI) is  a program for Veterans, transitioning service members, and their spouses looking to find meaningful employment in Iowa, as well as the support to call Iowa home.

HBI provides assistance with:

  • Workforce Solutions and Growth – Trained Career Planners can help Veterans navigate their transition to civilian life by translating military experience to a civilian resume and advocating for specific applicants with Veteran-friendly businesses. HBI also is fully integrated with IowaWORKS.gov to connect veterans with a vast network of job search assistance and connections with civilian employers.
  • Quality Education and Student Success – Home Base Iowa Certified Higher Academic Military Partners (CHAMPS) are higher education institutions that provide on-campus resources, financial assistance, and other support considerations necessary to help Veterans further their education. The list of partners includes universities and community colleges throughout the state.
  • Community Support – Hundreds of Iowa communities have partnered with HBI to provide additional incentives in welcoming Veterans to their communities. This support in some cases may appear as direct financial incentives.

For more, visit www.homebaseiowa.gov or the veterans employment services page at Iowa Workforce Development.

IowaWORKS offices throughout the state provide additional resources for Veterans. These resources include dedicated Veteran Career Planners who can help eligible Veterans and spouses make connections with services necessary to remove barriers and find meaningful employment.

Locate the closest IowaWORKS office to your location to come and visit.  

Research Careers

Iowa Workforce Development’s Labor Market Information division maintains resources where employers and job seekers can research the current labor market. These tools include information on:

  1. Current employment levels, salaries, and economic forecasts for various careers.
  2. Which jobs in Iowa require a license or certificate issued at the state level.
  3.  Staffing patterns, such as where companies are most likely to be effective in looking for workers.

Learn more about Iowa’s Labor Market.

Related Agencies and Services

Iowa Department of Inspections, Appeals, & Licensing (Unemployment Insurance Appeals and Labor Division Section)

6200 Park Avenue, Suite 100, Des Moines, IA 50321

Labor Division: (515) 242-5870

Labor Division Wage Section: (515) 725-5619

Unemployment Insurance Appeals - Fax: (515) 478-3528

Unemployment Insurance Appeals - In Iowa: (800) 532-1483

Unemployment Insurance Appeals - Outside Iowa: (800) 247-5205

Iowa Workforce Development (Unemployment Insurance Benefits and Tax)

1000 E. Grand Ave., Des Moines, IA  50319

Unemployment Insurance Benefits: (866) 239-0843

Unemployment Insurance Tax: (888) 848-7442