All for-profit corporations, limited liability companies, and limited partnerships are all required to renew your business filing every two years.  

Corporations file in even-numbered years.  

Limited Partnerships file in odd-numbered years.

Limited Liability Companies file in odd-numbered years.  

You can file electronically or through the mail between January 1 and April 1.

If you do not file your biennial report for your business, your business may be administratively dissolved or revoked by the Secretary of State.

Gather Your Information for your Business Renewal

Gather Your Information for your Corporation or Limited Partnership

You will need your 6-digit business number.  To find out what your business number is, visit the Business Entities Search page and type in the name of your business (make sure you enter the business name correctly). 

Make sure you have all the required names and addresses.

Create Your Biennial Report

Corporations, Limited Liability Corporations, Limited Partnerships all create their reports using the Fast Track Filing system.  

Using the Fast Track Filing system you can either create a free account and log in, or file your report without logging in.

  • If you do not want to log in and have no changes to your registration, use the link at the bottom “Click here to file biennial report (no account required)”.

Search by the business number you found above and choose “Yes” or “No” where it asks “File by Paper”.

File Your Biennial Report and Next Steps

File Your Report

Select your business from the search results

Fill out your report by completing the blanks and following the provided instructions.

If you choose "No" to "File by Paper", you'll be able to file and pay online.

If you choose "Yes" to "File by Paper", you'll need to print off your report and mail it in with your payment.

Next Steps: Make a Change to your Business Filing

Do you need to update your business’s contact information, make a correction, or maybe close your business? You can do many things using the Fast Track Filing System. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on Fast Track Filing, the Business Entity Forms and Fees page of the Iowa Secretary of State’s website has more forms and information.

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