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Assistance Programs
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Iowa Insurance Division Resources

Learn more about what to do after a disaster hits and find resources with the Iowa Insurance Division.

If you have an issue with your insurance company, file a complaint with the Market Regulation Bureau of the Iowa Insurance Division.

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FEMA - Help for Survivors with Insurance

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) may provide assistance to underinsured Iowa survivors to help pay for disaster-related costs that insurance doesn’t cover. Learn more about FEMA's insurance assistance for underinsured survivors.

Apply with FEMA whether or not you have insurance

  • Everyone with disaster damage should apply whether they have insurance or not.
  • FEMA assistance is not based on your amount of income.
  • If you have homeowners, renters or flood insurance, file a claim. Stay in close contact with your insurance agency. Only damage and needs related to April 26-27 and May 20-21 storms are eligible.
  • FEMA cannot duplicate benefits for losses covered by insurance.
  • Even if you have insurance, FEMA may be able to provide money for serious needs, temporary housing and any damage to property not covered by insurance.
  • In general, people without insurance will be contacted first by FEMA home inspectors. People with insurance may be contacted after you provide your insurance documents.
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