The Iowa legislature is made up of the Iowa House of Representatives and the Iowa State Senate. Together, these elected officials hold the power in our state to create, change, or get rid of current laws. They make the decisions about how things are run in Iowa. Contacting your elected officials is a great way to get your opinion heard.

Find Your Legislator

You can  search an interactive map to find your legislator.  You can also search by typing in  your address.

Information on Contacting Legislators

Once you know your legislator’s name you can find their contact information on the Iowa State Senate and House of Representatives websites.  

Decide How to Contact Them

You can reach out by phone, email, or mail. Representatives with social media accounts often list them on their legislature profile page. Find their name on the legislature’s website and click on the link of their name to find their address, phone and email listed under “Other Information.”

If you’re reaching out about a specific piece of legislation, mention it in your message. Try to be as concise as possible and share evidence to support your position. Include your contact information so they represent you and they know how to reach you.

What Happens When You Contact a Legislator

Your input shapes voting decisions and what issues your representative spends their time on. They may reply and explain what their position is and why. They may not be able to reply to every contact they receive. You can also ask other Iowans who share your views to reach out to their elected officials.

Related Agency - Iowa Legislature

Address: State Capitol, 1007 E Grand Ave., Des Moines, IA 50319

Phone: (515) 281-5129