You may vote early in person at your County Auditor’s office before any election.   

You must vote your absentee ballot in person at the auditor's office or at a satellite early voting station before election day. You cannot take the ballot home with you.  

For primary and general elections, absentee ballots will be available at your County Auditor’s office no earlier than 20 days before the election. For all other elections, ballots will be available as soon as they are ready, but not earlier than 20 days before an election.

In person absentee voting is not available on election day at the auditor's office unless the polls open at noon. If the polls open at noon, you may cast an absentee ballot at the County Auditor's office from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. on election day. 

For voters who need assistance in marking their ballots, an accessible ballot marking device is available at the County Auditor's office.

Find your County Auditor.  

Satellite Early Voting Stations

Satellite Early Voting Stations provide in person absentee voting at places other than the County Auditor's office.

You must mark the absentee ballot at the satellite station and leave it with the officials. You cannot take the ballot home with you.

All satellite stations must be accessible to people with disabilities.

To find out whether a satellite station is planned for an election, contact your County Auditor.  

Satellite Station Petition

You may request a satellite station by filing a petition with the County Auditor. The petition must contain signatures of at least 100 eligible voters living in the jurisdiction.

The petition must be filed with your County Auditor by the election filing deadline, which varies by election type. Ask your County Auditor for a list of election filing deadlines.

Download the Satellite Petition form.

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