Vote at your designated polling place on Election Day.  Polling places are open from 7 am to 8 pm for most elections. For elections that benefit districts or unincorporated areas of a county, polls may open at 12:00 noon.

Iowans have three options for casting their ballot.

  • Vote absentee by mail.
  • Vote absentee in person at your County Auditor’s office or a satellite voting location. 
  • Vote in Person on Election Day. No eligible voter will be turned away from the polls.

Become Voter Ready

Register to vote before election day.  Register online or by paper registration.

Update your voter registration. If you changed your name, address, or party affiliation, use the same paper or online forms. Iowa voters must show a photo ID when checking in at the polls. Be sure to have an acceptable photo ID from this list: 

  • an Iowa Driver’s License or non-operator ID or military of veteran’s ID
  • a tribal ID/document or an 
  • an Iowa Voter ID card. Request a Voter ID card from your County Auditor. 

A voter without one of the listed forms of ID may have the voter’s identity attested by another registered voter in the precinct.  Voters without an ID or an attester may receive a provisional ballot and can provide an ID up until the Monday after election day for Primary and General Elections.

Request help if you need it. Let your County Auditor know if you need help to vote or to access your polling place.  You can find more information on ​Voting with Disabilities  on the Iowa Secretary of State’s website. 

Find your designated polling place

You can find your polling place by entering your 5 digit zip code.  

You will need to:

Enter your 5 digit zip code.

Confirm you are not a Robot. 

Enter your house number.

Select your street name from a drop down menu.

Click the Search button.

Related Agency - Secretary of State

Address: 321 E. 12th St 1st Floor, Des Moines, IA  50319

Phone: (515) 281-5204